Thursday, July 3, 2014


Some weeks ago I was invited by the Coeliacs Association of Basque Country to take part in a meeting about Celiac Travellers. The objective was to share experiences and to encourage young celiac people to travel and to overcome their fears of following a gluten-free diet out of home.

It was an interesting meeting in which, from different points of view, we share the way we face celiac-disease when travelling around Spain or abroad. We were a young entrepreneur who has to spend some periods of time abroad, a professional sportsman diagnosed more than 30 years ago, a woman who has lived in different countries, a gluten-free travel agency and a person who likes to travel and does her best to cope with her gluten-free diet (me).

I focused my presentation on the resources I use when I have to prepare a trip. While preparing the presentation I realized that there are many of them available nowadays, mostly on the Internet, and I want to share them here:

      Celiacs societies: Celiacs Associatios of Spain

     To ask the embassy of the country we are going to for information about CS in that country.

      Some sites of interest if we decide to rent an apartment: (World) (France) (France)

      Spanish Travel Agency focused on GF people: Destinos Sin Gluten

      Internet websites:
     Searchers for GF shops, hotels or restaurants:
•  Viajar Sin Gluten: a lot of gluten-free shops, bakeries, cafeterias, hotels and restaurants of Spain. guide of gluten-free restaurants of Spain and other countries with opinions.
   Celiaco a los 30: Maps of gluten-free shops, restaurants and bars with gluten-free beer.
     Allergychefgluten and allergens free restaurants. At the moment only for the province of Barcelona. 
      Restaurantes SinGluten: map of gluten-free restaurants of Spain.
     Glutenfree Roads: made by Schär, it contains gluten-free shops, hotels and restaurants of all over the world.
      GlutenFreeTravelSite: places all over the world.
      Specialgourmets restaurants for different allergies.

     Blogs about gluten-free travel experiences: (Spanish)
      Celiaco a los 30 (Spanish)
      Caminar sin gluten (Spanish)
      Restaurantes singluten (Spanish) (English)
      Gluten-freeGlobetrotter (English)
      Itsgottobeglutenfree (English)
      Glutenfree Traveller (English)
      SortirSans Gluten (French)

     Social Networks (Spanish language):
      Facebook: 500.000 establecimientos sin gluten
      Vitamina 301
      Faceliac (DSG)

     Forums (Spanish language):
      Lista CELIAQUIA RedIris

     Where to find celiac restaurant cards:



  1. Me parecen muy interesantes estas charlas para animar a los celíacos a viajar! Porque aunque se necesite una planificación previa se puede viajar!

    Nos alegramos que la aplicación de te sirva para buscar restaurantes donde comer sin gluten

  2. Laatima no haber pidido estar en Vitoria y disfrutar de todo lo que expusísteis.

    Un estupendo post. Gracias por la mención

  3. Seguro que aprendieron mucho de ti y has animado a muchas personas a viajar. Enhorabuena y gracias por la reseña.

  4. Very informative! This is really useful especially to those who have celiac disease who would like to go on a holiday but just couldn't because of their dietary needs and everything that it entails. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Thank you so much! I'm going to travel to Spain soon and your site has been very helpful at making me less nervous about getting sick.


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