Labels and Foodstuffs

In compliance with the Spanish and European laws, manufacturers must write in the ingredients label if they have added on purpose wheat, barley, rye, oats or any of their derived products. If a product is marked as Sin Gluten” (gluten-free) it must contain (by law) less than 20mg/kg (ppm) of gluten.

As regards specific gluten-free products, you will frequently see they have also the Controlado por FACE stamp, which guarantees less than 10 mg/kg (ppm) of gluten.

Ordinary products signed as “Sin Gluten”, may have different gluten-free labels, depending on the brand or on the market. For example, in Mercadona supermarkets everything is clearly labelled, so that you can eat everything from that market if it has the “Sin Gluten” label. But it does not happen in all the supermarkets.

You should read the list of ingredients and AVOID those that contain:
  • Trigo / Wheat
  • Avena / Oats
  • Cebada / Barley
  • Centeno / Rye
  • Espelta / Spelt
  • Kamut
  • Triticale / Triticum

Those products that have any of the ingredients of the list below MAY contain gluten:
  • Almidones modificados / Modified starchs (E-1404, E-1410, E-1412, E-1413, E-1420, E-1422, E-1440, E-1442, E-1450)
  • Almidón / Starches
  • Amiláceos / Starchies
  • Aromas / Scents (some of them)
  • Fécula / Starches
  • Fibra / Fiber
  • Gofio / Special flour from Canary Islands
  • Harina / Flour
  • Hidrolizado de proteína / Protein hydrolyzed
  • Hidrolizado de proteína vegetal / Vegetal protein hydrolyzed
  • Cereales / Cereals
  • Condimentos / Condiments
  • Espesantes / Thickeners
  • Extracto de levadura / Yeast extract
  • Malta / Malt
  • Jarabe de malta / Malt syrup
  • Extracto de malta / Malt extract
  • Proteína / Protein
  • Proteína vegetal / Vegetal protein
  • Sémola / Semolina

Be careful if you read the phrase: “Puede contener trazas de gluten” / It can contain gluten traces.

The following foodstuffs MAY contain gluten:
  • Sausages, mayonnaise, cold meat (Cecina, Parma ham and extra quality cooked ham are safe).
  • Flavored yogurt or yogurt with fruit pieces (natural yogurt is safe).
  • Processed / grated cheese or cheese spread and pâté.
  • Meat or fish canned with sauces.
  • Some kind of candies or sweets, ice creams, toasted nuts.
  • Chocolate and coffee substitutes.
  • Food coloring (sometimes in paella) and curry.

Fortunately, our country is very rich in food you CAN safely eat:
  • Fresh or dry fruits, vegetables, legumes, raw nuts, rice, corn and other cereals like tapioca, quinoa, millet, sorghum, amaranth and buckwheat.
  • All kind of fresh, frozen or canned without sauces meats and  also Cecina, Parma ham and extra quality cooked ham.
  • All kind of fresh or frozen fishes and seafood (not coated in breadcrumbs) canned without sauce (in oil is ok).
  • Eggs, milk and derived of milk like cheese, cream, requesón, cuajada, natural yogurts.
  • Salt, oil, vinegar, natural spices (not curry), sugar, honey.
  • Wine, cider, cava (Catalan champagne), soft drinks, coffee, natural infusions (tea, chamomile, mint). Infusions with aromas or flavors contain gluten.


You do not need to come to Spain with your suitcase full of gluten-free products (unless you are coming to a very little village). You can find gluten-free food (bread, cereals, cookies...) in:

Supermarkets (big chains of super and hypermarkets all over Spain):
  Ahorramas (Madrid and Castilla La Mancha) 
 bonÀrea (Catalonia, Aragón, Comunidad Valenciana, Madrid and Andorra)
  Bonpreu (Catalonia)
  El Corte Inglés
  ESCLAT (Catalonia)
  GADIS (Galicia and Castilla y León)
  HiperDino (Canary Islands)
  HiperUsera (Madrid and Castilla La Mancha)
  la Sirena

Health food and specialized shops
 Check the information of every region coeliacs/celiacs association here or this specialized shop list

You can also search the business of a province or a city at or at


  1. what kind of spanish cheese

  2. All kinds of Spanish cheese are safe for coeliacs if they are natural. Only if they are grated, shredded, cream, grilled or sliced it is necessary to check the label and read the ingredients.

  3. Puedes añadir un par más de supermercados:
    Grupo Bonpreu : supermercados Esclat.
    Tienen muchos productos para celíacos, y en concreto de su marca Bonpreu tienen lista de sus productos catalogados según alérgenos (gluten/huevo/Lácteos).
    En todos sus productos Bonpreu incluyen dibujos con el alérgeno y según lo contengan o no, está barrado o no.
    A parte, venden productos específicos de las marcas: Proceli, AIros, Diet Radisson, Schär y Forn Ricardera (éstos últimos están cerca y tienen página web, muy recomendable).
    Están en Catalunya.

    Saludos y gracias por pasarte por mi blog, así he podido conocer el tuyo!!! Muy elaborado y con secciones útiles a la par que intersantes, sobretodo para viajar con tranquilidad.

    me ha encantado!!!


    1. Muchas gracias por visitarnos y por aportar info, incluyo tu sugerencia, saludos.

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