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Chateau Chambord

Recently, I have spent some days in France. I have heard that eating gluten-free was difficult there, so when I planned my trip I read all the websites and articles related I found:

Several proposals for restaurants on:

The best practical information:

Very current recommendations on:

In my opinion, the most complete GF restaurants guide of France:

The essential GF restaurants card of:

And, of course, the website of the French Association of Gluten Intolerance:

It seems as if coeliac / celiac disease is not well known in France. Although you can buy some GF products in big supermarkets like Carrefour, Monoprix or Auchan or small specialized shops like Naturalia, it is not easy to find GF friendly restaurants.

A good choice is to stay in an apartment, where you can cook your own meal or breakfast. A website for seasonal rentals is:

Other popular option is Gîtes de France: you can rent a house or stay in a bedroom only for bed and breakfast (chambre d’hôte).

I chose this kind of lodgement for the days I spent in the Loire Valley and I was very fortunate, because the house where I stayed in was very lovely and the owners charming… but the best of all was that Véronique, the hostess, knew very well the gluten-free diet. She prepared delicious gfree crêpes and clafoutis for breakfast. I highly recommend this chambre d’hôte:

Sous Le Tilleul
Chambre Les Roses at Sous Le Tilleul

Véronique et François TULASNE
Tujot 37260 MONTS
02 47 25 83 01   06 65 16 52 46 and 06 81 42 60 08

But at the end you need (or want) to go to a restaurant. Most of the restaurants I found with GF dishes or menus are vegetarian, vegan or bio (organic). It is quite difficult to eat GF traditional French cook. Menus are not cheap in France, but at lunchtime you can find formules in many restaurants. They consist on different combinations of a starter, a main course and a dessert, and they are value for money.

It is easier in Paris, but it is not so common to find GF restaurants in other towns. But nevertheless I had good experiences in two restaurants out of Paris:

In St. André de Cubzac, near Bourdeaux:
Rendez-vous: 27, Rue Coureau in St André De Cubzac. Open Monday to Thursday: 7am – 5pm, and Friday: 7am – 3pm. Homemade food, you can have a drink, a sandwich or a full meal in the restaurant or take it away. They know well gluten-free diet and the treatment is pleasant. Formule: starter + main course + dessert = 10,5 €.

Charlotte aux fraises at Rendez-vous

In Poitiers:
Le bonheur est dans le Thé: 7, rue Carnot Impasse Saint Nicolas in Poitiers. This is a tearoom and restaurant where many of the dishes are organic and some of them safe for celiacs.  Formule: main course + dessert = 15 €.

Le bonheur est dans le Thé
Salad at Le bonheur est dans le Thé

In Paris I ate in the following restaurants:

Saveurs Véget'Halles
Menu at Saveurs Véget'Halles
Saveurs Véget'Halles: 41, rue des Bourdonnais, 1er arr. Open Monday to Saturday, for lunch and dinner; Sunday closed.  Nice vegetarian restaurant. Vegan and gluten-free dishes are marked in the menu.  Formule: starter + main course or main course + dessert = 15,90 €; starter + main course + dessert = 18,90 €.

Qualité & Co: 7, rue du marché St. Honoré, 1er arr. ; 4 rue de Choiseul, 2ème arr.; 37 rue de Berri, 8ème arr. Open Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 6pm. It is a healthy fast food chain where you can eat salads, fruits, legumes. All the ingredients of the dishes are detailed and GF are labelled, so it is easy to choose. Formule: Big salad + dessert + drink = 10 €.

Cafe Pinson
GF dish at Cafe Pinson

Café Pinson: 6 rue du Forez, 3ème arr. Open from the morning to afternoon (to 11:30 from Thursday to Saturday). Lovely restaurant, almost everything is vegetarian or vegan. Fresh, homemade meals. Gluten-free dishes are marked. There are two starters and two main courses to choose in the menu. Formule: starter + main course or main course + dessert = 15 €; starter + main course + dessert = 17 €.

Tugalik: 29, rue St. Placide, 6ème arr.; 4, rue Toullier,
5ème arr. Open Monday to Saturday, for lunch and dinner. Healthy fast food chain similar to Qualité & Co, you can eat salads, rice, chicken… everything natural and homemade. GF options are labelled. Formule: 10 €.

Complete salad at Tugalik

 I also had a delicious ice-cream at:

Grom: 81, rue de Seine 6ème arr. Italian ice - cream shop. The ice-creams are artisan and made with organic ingredients. Most of them are gluten-free. They are delicious. Price: From 3,70 €.

Macarons from Un Dimanche À Paris

And, of course, I tasted the famous French macarons at:

Un dimanche à Paris: 8 cours du Commerce Saint André, 6ème arr. Elegant bakery where you can buy the famous macarons. Not cheap but very good quality.

Bon voyage en France!

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  1. Thanks for the useful information.
    There is also a very nice place to have an organic gluten free meal in Paris called Bio Sphere Café.
    I wrote a post about it but it's in Spanish.

  2. Eating in the city of fregrances.. woow exciting.
    here is also a place where you can find gulten free food Indian restaurants in Manchester


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