Sunday, June 9, 2013


Gluten-free Tapas Route Madrid

The online shop of food for special diets Esto Sí Puedo (closed now :-( ), has promoted the Tapas Route of Madrid. The objective is to encourage bars and restaurants of the city to offer gluten-free tapas and beer. There are four restaurants in the Tapas Route so far and more restaurants are expected to join the initiative.

The Celiacs and Gluten Sensitive Association of Madrid trained the staff of the restaurants involved on how to cook and serve gluten-free tapas with the proper ingredients and avoiding cross contamination.

Those restaurants show the GF icon on the door as a guarantee stamp. They are:

  • El Ñeru: C/ Bordadores, 5
  • La Concha: Cava Baja, 7
  • Bodegas Galiana: Cava Baja, 8
  • Casa Lucas: Cava Baja, 28

See Gluten-free Tapas Route Madrid on a bigger map

Don’t forget to say that you are coeliac/celiac before ordering your tapa and enjoy it!

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