Sunday, March 17, 2013


UPDATED ON 12-18-2013

Everyday I read the news of the opening of a new shop specialized in gluten-free products in any place of Spain. Some of them have a physical store and others not. But nearly all of them offer on-line shopping.

I have been compiling all the gluten-free shops I know in Spain, most of them have also safe products for other intolerances or allergies.

Of course, apart from these, you can find gluten-free products in malls, supermarkets or herbalist. But the stores in the list below are specialized in coeliacs/ celiacs and they are the places where you will find all the kind of specific products such as flours of different grains, mixes, gluten-free manufactured products, etc.

I have tried to give you their  physical and on-line addresses, if they have on-line shop, and other useful information.

If you know any other gluten-free shop that it is not in this list or you find any mistake, please, let me know to correct it.

Hope this to be helpful!

gluten-free stores in Spain
Click on the image to download the "Gluten-free stores in Spain" list from Google Docs


  1. Veo que en la lista no sale Dietética Gloria (en Barcelona capital) que está en la calle entenza 175 ( )
    es quizás la tienda más completa de la ciudad en temas sin gluten.


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