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 Comunitat Valenciana is a region of Spain located in the Mediterranean Sea shore. Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Dénia, Gandia, Benidorm or Benicàssim belong to this amazing region. Apart from its warm climate, it is well known by its idyllic beaches, charming picturesque villages, art, lively nightlife and cuisine. The famous paella comes from the Region of Valencia.

  And it is also one of the Spanish paradises for coeliacs / celiacs, because it has the first gluten-free club of restaurants of Spain.

Gluten-free Restaurants Club CValenciana  Thanks to the cooperation between ACECOVA (Coeliacs Association of Comunitat Valenciana) and different hotel and restaurant societies, this project was launched and today more than 100 restaurants from the three province (Castellón, Valencia and Alicante) are involved. All of them have yearly training, counselling and control, so they can offer safe gluten-free dishes with all the guarantees.

  There is a website where you can check all the restaurants attached to the club:

 NOTE: The list of restaurants is only available in the Spanish version of the website

babel, from the blog: http://glutenfreeporsupuesto.blogspot.com.es/ recommends us to read the reviews of some of the restaurants of the club at: http://restaurantessingluten.blogspot.com.es/search/label/valencia.

 This information will be useful if you are thinking in coming to Las Fallas. From March 15 to 19 Valencia celebrates Las Fallas, a feast of pyrotechnics, fireworks and bonfires.

  At whatever time you come to Comunitat Valenciana you can find tourist information in the following links:


  1. Cositas así me encante leer :)
    Un saludito

    1. Sí, las buenas iniciativas hay que darlas a conocer!
      Un saludo.

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  3. Interesante propuesta, que deviene aglutinadora al ser ya muchos los incluídos. En este blog hay reseñas y fotografías de algunos de esos restaurantes, por si es de interés:


    1. Claro que es de interés! Con tu permiso lo incluyo en el post.

    2. Por supuesto. En uno de esos blogs norteamericanos que descubrí se votaba a Nueva York como la ciudad más amigable para una diega gluten-free, y el mejor destino Italia. Por poco tiempo... Aupa SGF!!! Bellísimo Sorolla.

  4. me encanta cada consejo de este blog!!
    si vais a la comunidad valenciana no dejeis de visitar malkebien, me encanto este restaurnate!!

  5. This is a nice list of restaurants but those of us who really are celiacs honestly also just need to know where the bakeries are that sell fresh gluten free bread. I have always found bio bakeries in any major city in France and Italy where I can go and get a loaf of fresh gluten free bread (not frozen and packaged and not just sweets, real, good, healthy bread using multiple flours). I have yet to find a single bakery in Spain with nice healthy fresh baked GF breads and I can't find any resources online for this either. I just keep finding this restaurant list. I just want a darn loaf of bread! and not packgaed white flour stuff...

  6. Where are the lists of the bakeries that make gluten free bread? Not pastries and desserts. Not restaurants. Bakeries. I can always find a bakery to get a fresh loaf of healthy GF bread in cities France and Italy (and have done so for past 12 years) but I can't find any resources for this info in Spain. I don't eat packaged white breads from Schar they are not good food. I need a bakery to go to in Spain or some idea of how to find the places that would have fresh, multigrain GF breads. I have been into a handful of Bio bakeries (usually the places I can find GF bread in other countries) but I have had zero luck.

    Help! please. I love a nice loaf of bread every week. It makes my life easier


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