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UPDATED 2014-11-02
I like to say that Spain is a gluten-free friendly country. Not only can you find gluten-free options in exclusive restaurants, but also in cheaper big chains of fast food. The first one involved in gluten-free diet was Telepizza, then Vips Group, McDonalds, Burger King, Rodilla, and lately Tommy Mel's, which has met an agreement with the Association of Coeliacs and Gluten Sensitives of Madrid.
All of their restaurants in Spain have safe for coeliacs / celiacs food. The gluten free sandwiches are:
  • Hamburger
  • Big Mac
  • Cheeseburger
  • Quarter pounder with cheese
  • Mc Royal Deluxe
  • Soho BBQ
  • Little Italy
They can be served with gluten-free bread, and also Deluxe potatoes are gluten-free, because they are fried in separated oil. In their website you can find the list of allergen ingredients of every product.
Locate your nearest McDonald's restaurant.

You can taste four kind of pizza safe for coeliacs / celiacs:
  • Ham and bacon pizza
  • Four cheeses pizza
  • Barbecue pizza
  • Carbonara pizza
Here you can read the allergen ingredients list of Telepizza products.
Most of the Telepizza restaurants offer gluten-free pizza but not all of them, you can search them here.
They have an agreement with the Federation of Coeliacs Associations of Spain (FACE).

In Rodilla shops you can taste a gluten-free sandwich and pieces of toast with butter, jam, tomato, "Nutella" or oil. They also offer muffins, hazelnut wafer or chocolate cake. Even gluten-free beer is available.
Look for Rodilla shops with gluten-free products on the map, most of them in the region of Madrid, or in this list.
They have an agreement with the Federation of Coeliacs Associations of Spain (FACE).

They offer several gluten-free dishes in all their restaurants, located in the main cities of Spain (a lot of them in Madrid). Here you can see the GF menu.
The Vips group have an agreement with the Federation of Coeliacs Associations of Spain (FACE).

It is a chain of Italian restaurants from Vips group. They have a GF menu in all their restaurants, but I can not find it in their webpage (sure it is but I can not see it). As a part of Vips group, and because its agreement with FACE, both Vips and Ginos menu is at FACE's webpage.

For the moment in Spain there is only one gluten-free cake: gf brownie, but many gf drinks. Look here the allergens list of Starbucks products.

Tommy Mel's:
The clasic American diner in Spain. A wide gluten-free menu served in all their restaurants. There are many restaurants all over Spain. I am sure you will have a good time eating in Tommy Mel's restaurants.

Foster's Hollywood:
This American restaurant has been the last one offering a gluten-free menu, with many drinks and dishes. It has also an agreement with FACE.


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